Thursday, July 31

Rooming for Loft during POL-ITE

Hi guys!

So the rooming for loft will be as follow:

For those who do not understand, 09 or 11 means the floor and 01-04 are the unit numbers.

0901 : Shenghui, Gabriel, Kelvin, Kian Hui, Jingwei, Eugene Chong and Hans
0902: Jiahao, HongHui, Wai Hang, Sherwin, Brandon and Sean Sim
0903: CJ, BingGuo, Johanan, Hock Meng, Benjin, Eamon and Sean Chia
0904: Benjamin, Nicklas, Edward, Ian, Derlun and Abraham

0801: Pei Wei, Amanda Ang, Ericka, Zi Ying, Elena, Karen and Crystal
0802: Nok Wan, Delia, Roberta, XinKai, Gail, Yuhui and Li Jun
1103: Amanda Khah, Yen Ling, Juliana, YuXin, Alicia, Jiayi and Yulin
1104: ZhanXian, JingKang, Swee Yi, Hong Chong, Xu Hearn and Myk

And just to take note:

1. Please help out at the grandstand after you have finished your class.

2. We will all enter the loft as a group so that it is easier.

3. If possible, one person in the room could get a towel to put in front of the toilet so that you do not wet the entire apartment.

4. Please follow your daily routine for your diet so as to not fall sick, do not suddenly go crazy on chili or some other weird food that you might come across.

5. If possible, NO CAFFEINE for the next few days.

6. No PT, burpees or pushups for the next few days until POL-ITE is over.

7. Those who are going for leisure camp, regardless of whether coming for 1 day or 2 days or 3days, please pm Xin Kai. If you don't have her number, please ask your group leaders (for the juniors)

And lastly, a pat on the back for those who have trained hard for POL-ITE and hopefully the results will show how much hard work you have put in! #Fighting

If you have any questions regarding POL-ITE or loft or bow tuning that you have not done so, do ask any of the seniors!

Remember to rest well and do not strain yourself for the next few days~

Lots and lots and lots of love,

p.s I am not gay