Saturday, August 30

Holiday Plan~

Hi Archers!
Exams are over do not worry about things that has already past! The holidays are just around the corner and it means training!!! Here are our training plans for this holiday! Please read and if you have any questions you can message your respective group leaders or message me.

1) For the entire month of September our training will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It will be full day trainings which means training will be from 8am-5pm.  Do come earlier to set up boards and tentages. For those who will be working during this holiday do drop me a message.

2) For the first training (1st of September) i will need all of you to report in school by 7am. We will have to set up the boards which has been used for POL-ITE 2014. For those who have valid reasons and cannot make it by 7am, please do inform me in advanced or you will be considered as late. The punishment for latecomers will be 200 burpees.

3) After the first training we will need your help to help to pack up the store, so do stay back a little while. The faster we clean the store, the earlier we can go home.

4) Those that have yet to submit your indemnity form for leisure camp, do have it signed and pass it to either me(Benjin) or Jia Hao after the first training.

Benjin Lau

Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body - Arnold Schwarzenegger