Sunday, September 28

Exam Results and Training Update

Hi Archers,

1) Results

Please email your results to me at by 8pm next Saturday (4/10). Punishment will be given if you do not send in your results by the end of the deadline.

2) Training Schedule for Sem Break (October)

Weekdays (Mon & Wed): 9am - 5pm at Study Area
-Bow Training
-Equipment Lesson
-Gym Session

Saturday: 9am - 6pm at Field

Please take note that the timings stated indicate the start timing of training and do not include time for you to set up. Burpees will be given if you are late for training.
This is also the last reminder for all archers to sign up for Gym Orientation and submit their PAR-Q form to Gymwerks as well as to have all the necessary items in their toolbox.

Elena :)