Thursday, September 4

Singapore Archery Open

Hi archers,

As you all know, Singapore Archery open is this coming Friday and Saturday(5th and 6th Sept). 

Below are 2 photos regarding the timeline and the location of the event. Non-competing archers please come down in your Sports & Wellness T-shirt. If you do not have the S&W shirt, you can come in any NP related shirt. 

Archers who do not know how to get there, you can meet some of the seniors at red hill MRT. They will be there from 7:15-7:30 am. Do not be late or they will leave without you.

Competing archers please be reminded to have your equipment such as your tool box, towel, extra t-shirt(in case of rain), water bottle and other necessary equipment ready. Remember to mark your arrows with your initials and be in 2013 POL-ITE jersey and in black shorts that are at least knee length.

Benjin Lau