Tuesday, September 23

Training Updates

Hi Archers,

There will still be training tomorrow (24/09), however, we will be doing Bow Training and teaching the Juniors the basics of equipment before having Gym Training. Training will start at 9am sharp so be ready with all your equipment by 9am.

We will be Shooting on Friday (26/09) and on Saturdays for the month of October until school reopens when normal trainings will resume. Normal full day training hours apply for Shooting Trainings during the Semester Break. However, we will still be having BT, equipment lessons and Gym Training on Monday and Wednesday during October, Training will be from 9am to 4pm.

All archers are to have their tool box ready with the following items inside:
1. Lighter (Blue Flame Preferably)
2. Alcohol Swab
3. Pen Knife
4. Super Glue
5. Allen Keys
6. Hot Melt Glue
7. 3M tape
8. Pliers, screw driver and Scissors (if possible)

In addition, all archers MUST sign up for Gym Orientation and submit the PAR-Q form in order to use the gym. Here is the link for the PAR-Q https://portal.np.edu.sg/dept/sdar/Pages/default.aspx

See you all tomorrow!