Saturday, October 11

Reminders on 11 Oct 2014

Hi archers!

Just a reminder of what was said by Coach, JK, Benjin and Elena today!

By Coach

- Remember to tell coach whenever you are going to shoot anywhere else that you are not a member of (TBAC, HomeTeam etc)

-Whenever we are having training, please work as a team and do not be independent. (Eg. When we are doing A, please do not be alone doing B.)

-People are always watching and spreading rumors. As an NP archer, we should uphold the reputation and name of NP and not provide them more reasons to spread unnecessary rumors. Be more self aware of your own actions and always strive to give your best in everything.

By The Captains

- From every training onwards, there will be a high standard of discipline that will be imposed on everyone. It applies to everything from setting up to gathering for debrief. Failure to comply to the standard will result in punishment.

- Whenever you are unable to attend training, please inform the Captains (JK, Elena or Benjin) DIRECTLY and EARLY. Do not inform them only on the morning of the particular training but it should at least be 1 day in advanced.

-Please email your finalised timetable to Elena at by 18/10 (Saturday) by 8pm. In any case whereby you are unable to do so due to your timetable still not finalised then, please inform her or failure to submit your timetable to her will also result in punishment.

And as said by Elena, do take some time off to think about what your daily goals are before training. Think about what you are focused on changing or achieving what you have to do individually to obtain the result which you desire. Bear that goal in mind when you approach the shooting line and train hard in order to achieve it.

She also said that although archery is a rather individual sport, but at the end of the day, we are a team. And a good team will support and motivate each other to work harder. So whether to be a team to be proud of, it is up to you to decide.

And on a side note, please bring $15 on Monday to hand in to Gail for Coach's BBQ! Paying the $15 would confirm your attendance for the BBQ.

Rest well today and do remember your training diary! :)