Tuesday, January 6

Open House

Hi archers!

As you all know open house 2015 is on the 8th to 10th of January. Just a brief introduction about what we have to do.  we will only need to showcase and conduct tryouts for the public on the 9th and 10th of January. It will be 2 full days.

Coach will be there to supervise us and there are about 3 30m boards for us to shoot so if you are not on duty you can still shoot as part of training.

 Things to take note:

1) When at the shooting area do take caution of when you go and retrieve arrows. Do so only when no one is shooting.

2)Do not cross the shooting line when someone is shooting. You are only allow to cross the shooting line when the coach, captains, vice-captains or who ever is in-charge of the timing says so.

3)When at the shooting area please be in school jersey/leisure camp tee, black shorts (about knee level and NO fbt) and covered shoes.

4)Those who are free do sign up in the available slots in the link by 6th January 12pm! Saturday is compulsory unless you have a valid reason. Try not to write your name for the whole day as in will be very tiring on yourself but feel free to hang around we us even if it is not your shift. You will still be welcomed :)

Benjin Lau