Saturday, February 21

NTU Invitational 2015

Hi Archers!

First post in the new year and congratulations to all for completing your examinations!

As you all know, NTU Invitational 2015 is held from 7-8 March and most of you will be competing.

The name list is as follows:


A - JingKang, Myk, Benjamin
B - JiaHao, Benjin, Sean Chia
C - Crystal, Gail, Ziying
Individual - Kelvin


A - Ian, Abraham, Eamon
B - Elena, Karen, Yuxin
C - Sean Sim, Kelly, KianHui
Individual - Hans, Alicia


A - Wai Hang, Hock Meng, Sherwin
B - Pei Wei, Li Jun, Violette
C - Edward, Swee Yi, Nicklas
D - Ericka, Jia Yi, Keller
E - Johanan, Eugene, Edgar
F - Jacky, Lewis, Jereme
Individual - Amanda

As I do not have your team names, I will name it is A-Z as above. And do remember to continue doing bow training and your own personal training, so as to maintain your strength! This does not only apply to those competing, but rather to everyone as training will commence again and POL-ITE 2015 will soon be around the corner.

Some information that you might require:

1. Indemnity Form (Only for competitors)

2. Schedule for NTU Invitational 2015

3. Location Map for the Field in NTU

Do note that for the indemnity form, ALL COMPETITORS are to hand it to me by 27 FEB. And for the juniors, if you have ordered the jersey from me, you can also pass me the money then or at NTU itself.

For the Jersey, $15.5 for 1 shirt or $31 for 2 shirts. Do inform me before coming to pass me indemnity form or the money.

That is all for now. For any last minute changes, we will inform everyone so until then, do enjoy your holidays while it lasts!