Monday, April 20

CCA Fiesta

Hi Archers,

Here are more details on the upcoming CCA Fiesta. Firstly, I would like to encourage all archers to wear club related shirts to school, in order to promote our club to the new batch of juniors. Secondly, if any archers are free, feel free to drop by to help promote the club. And last but not least, CCA Fiesta helpers please take your bows and set them up, for display and attraction purposes.

Helpers please take note that there are to be three archers at the booth at all times. The other helpers could walk around the school with their bows to draw the attention of the new freshies.

Day 1 (21/04) - Team Jersey (with the ARCHERY on the back)
Day 2 (22/04) - Leisure Camp shirt
Day 3 (23/04) - Team Jersey