Wednesday, April 8

Re-submission of PAR-Q Form

Hi archers!

As trainings will resume soon, I will need all of you to re-submit your PAR-Q form by 14 April 2015.

Attendance will not be given for those who fail to submit their Par-Q form. Please be sure to submit the form within the stipulated deadline.

Since we reside within different areas, please approach a committee member that live nearest to you for the submission of the form.

North- Ian, Yu Hui, Edward
East- Hong Chong, Hock Meng, Xin Kai
West- Jia Yi, Lewis, Zi Ying
Central- Elena
NP- Ian (Monday to Friday 8am-530pm)
Please contact them directly to arrange for the meet up timing.

The PAR-Q form can be found HERE.

Zi Ying