Wednesday, June 24

NUS Indoor 2015

Hi Archers,

This post concerns archers that are participating in the upcoming NUS Indoor Competition this coming Saturday(27/6) and Sunday(28/6). Please read through the rules and regulations thoroughly before attending the event. Participants are to report by 0730, 15 minutes before registration.
Venue: MPSH 2, NUS Sports and Recreation Centre
The details below are the targets that have been allocated to you:

Team S.H.E
Hong Chong - 10C
Edgar - 11C
Edward - 12C

Team Hit or Miss
Hock Meng - 13C
Sherwin - 14C
Wai Hang - 15C

Team 61
Lewis - 16C
Eugene - 17C
Zhen Yu - 18C

Team SML
Kelly - 21C
Bing Guo - 22C
Eamon - 23C

Team Ben Jia Quan
Benjin - 22C
Jia Hao - 23C
Han Quan - 24C

Team 154
Li Jun - 10B
Violette - 11B
Pei Wei - 12B

Team Potatoes
Amanda - 13B
Delia - 14B
Keller - 15B

Team Fireball
Karen - 7A
Elena - 8A
Zi Ying - 9A

Brian - 6D

    Day 1:

    Day 2:

Rules And Regulations

  • There will be 2 challenges, NUS Challenge(Open to all) and Institutional Challenge(Only local University, Polytechnics and ITEs.
  • Recurve Open Women Team event for Institutional Challenge cancelled.
  • Ranking: 2 rounds, 10 ends, 3 arrows, 2 mins per end.
  • Double Detail: Detail 1, Archer A and B. Detail 2, Archer C and D. Detail order will be 1 2 2 1 (detail 1 go first, followed by detail 2. Next end, detail 2 go first then followed by detail 1.)
  • 10s and then 9s will be used as tie-breakers for events not involving awards. If it does not resolve the tie, 1 arrow shoot out will be carried out. However in events involving awards, 1 arrow shoot out will be carried out, regardless of 10s and 9s.
  • Target Face (Ranking):

  • Individual Elimination (40cm Vertical Triple Face) Institutional Challenge - Top 16 archers qualify, max 2 archers per club. NUS Challenge - Top 16 archers qualify regardless of club. Archers will be assigned to targets before commencement of each round.
  • Set System: 3 arrows per end (2 mins) Win = 2 points, Tie = 1 point each, Lose = 0 point. Archer wins upon obtaining 6 or more points. If the score is tied at 5-5, tie breaker will occur.
  • Team Elimination (2 40cm Vertical Triple Face) Team score is the sum of all 3 archers in the team. Institutional Challenge - Top 8 teams qualify, max 1 team per Institute. Nus Challenge - Top 16 teams qualify. Teams will be assigned to lanes before commencement of each round.
  • Set System (Recurve): Each archer to shoot 2 arrows per end (2 mins). Win = 2 points, Tie = 1 point each, Lose = 0 point. Team wins upon obtaining 5 or more points.
  • Cumulative System (Compound): Each archer to shoot 2 arrows per end (2 mins) for 4 ends. Total 24 arrows per round. Cumulative score for each round taken.
  • If score is tied at 4-4 for recurve or the cumulative score is tied for compound, tie breaker of 1 min will occur. 1 horizontal triple face, each archer to shoot 1 arrow on different face. If there is still a tie, arrow closest to the center for each team will be used to tie-break.
  • Dress Code: All participants must wear the Jersey with the Archery word behind. Pants must be longer than finger tips when arms straighten down. Strictly no FBT allowed (including straight cut FBT.) For supporters, wear NP shirt. Everyone is to wear covered shoes, preferably sports shoes. No slippers or sandals allowed.
  • Appeal: Any disputes to first be mediated by respective team captains. Appeal forms available at DOS Stand, to be sent in within 15 mins of point of contention by Team Captain. Administrative fee of $50 will be charged, to be refunded upon successful appeal. All team captains and team managers will automatically be included in a pool. 
  • Crowd Control: Each club issued with 2 manager tags. Each tag is specific to one Field of Play (FOP), colour coded and labelled. Only people with correct tags are allowed in the FOP to prevent overcrowding and ensure archers have enough space to maneuver. $5 fine if caught in the FOP without a tag. Fines will be recorded by NUS Personnel.
  • First Aid: Medics on standby at First Aid Counter. Inform DOS of any injuries. Serious injuries will be sent to NUH for further treatment.
  • Evacuation: In event of emergencies, DOS will announce immediate evacuation. Everyone is to head to the basketball courts immediately. In due of wet weather, evacuation point will be outside MPSH 5.
  • Green Initiative: 1 for 1 exchange at the SAVE booth, a new-water bottle for a bottle of 100 Plus or Ice Mountain. Recycling bins will be placed around for 100 Plus/Ice Mountain bottles.
  • Registration: Student Card must be submitted on event day for those participating in Institutional Challenge. Failure to produce student card will result in disqualification in Institutional Challenge.